Mobility Assistance

Mobility And The Elderly

Many seniors experience difficulty getting around independently. Mercie Home Care can offer stability and support. If a senior is unstable performing motions like sitting down or walking, we can help.

We’re here to help you retain your independence as much as possible by coming into your home to assist you. If you or your loved on have limited mobility, we can assist in many different ways. Our knowledgeable staff can transfer clients from beds to wheelchairs or other seating options to prevent injury to you or your loved one.

When Seniors Need Assistance with Mobility to Maintain Independence, we can help.

Other Services

Hydration Reminder

Dehydration is a common but frequently overlooked problem that affects millions of seniors. Part of the reason that it tends to be overlooked is because…

Bathing/Brushing Teeth

When a person becomes ill or elderly, their requirement for hygiene increases. However, their ability to maintain and execute proper hygiene may decrease or cease.

Meal Planning

Meal preparation is important to help aging seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our caregivers can help plan and create meals.

Running Errands

Mercie Home Care Inc. provides errand services to help with the many errands of living at home. Errands can turn into a never-ending list of chores…